Pastor’s Pen – March 1, 2010

Spring is coming!  We have now entered March and slowly the snow will give way to flowers!  The beauty and majesty of our Creator’s hand is a constant marvel.

We rejoiced over many good things happening during January and February.  We saw folks saved and three Sundays of baptisms.  Some of our own missionaries visited and gave reports of the Lord’s work among them.  We held our annual church business meeting with the election of our church officers for 2011.  Plans and preparations were made to see how we might glorify God in a greater way this year.

The adult Sunday school hour at 10am each Sunday continues with my study examining Calvinism in light of Scriptural salvation.  I’ve entitled the series: “T.U.L.I.P.: The Toxic Flower in the Garden of Truth.”   On Sunday mornings, my expository sermon series from 1 Peter continues from 1 Peter 5:10-11 with this Sunday’s sermon entitled: “The Sacred Work of Suffering.”  On Wednesday evenings, I am leading an expository teaching series through 1 Kings with our prayer groups following.

In spite of the cold temperatures and snowy weather, we have had three teams distributing John and Romans booklets while our regular men’s and women’s soul winning teams have been busy on follow-ups and discipleships.

This Wednesday, Missionary Pastor Dennis Seely from Cornerstone Baptist Church in Carbonear, Newfoundland will be preaching for us.

Sunday evening’s service will open by observing the Lord’s Supper.

On Sunday evening, March 13th, Deacon David Kapauan will be preaching for us.

The week prior to Easter on April 24th, we will be conducting a church-wide Easter flyer distribution to our community.  On Resurrection Sunday, we are praying to see many souls added to heaven’s roll.

We are looking forward to Evangelist Max Alderman being with us for Revival Meetings on June 3-5.
Cottage prayer meetings will be held as we prepare ourselves for the Spirit’s work in each of our lives and the life of our church.

With the world-wide economic crisis and the global social unrest permeating our media outlets, may these events stir our hearts for righteous living in these last days.  May each of us renew our commitments and rededicate these last days to the sobering work the Saviour has entrusted to us!

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