Pastor’s Pen – November 24, 2015

As we begin winter, we look back at a God-blessed fall season.  We celebrated our 24th Anniversary with a great crowd,  enthusiastic congregational singing, and inspiring special music.  The Vaughan Baptist Christian Academy enrolled fourteen students and added a fourth, full-time salaried teacher.  Christal Adams joined the staff as the third teacher we have from Pensacola Christian College with a Master’s degree.

The teen ministry, headed up by David and Marie Belle Kapauan, continues to grow.  We are blessed to have fourteen to sixteen each week involved in our outreach ministry.  Some do discipleships, others make visits, while most are now going to area malls engaging people in soul winning conversations.

Pastor Hird continues to lead our growing music ministry and junior church.  We have been blessed to have had several special missionary speakers over the past few months.

By God’s grace, we have visitors almost every week.  Six families have joined the church over the past three weeks.  An upcoming baptismal service will enable three more families to join.

We have failures and short-comings!  We have ministry holes to fill and work to do in some areas to better do the work of the Lord.  There is a great desire to strengthen these for His glory.

Concerning special upcoming events, here is the schedule:
*      Sunday, December 6th  – Sunday school:10am; annual Christmas Cantata:11am; no evening service
*      Sunday, December 20th – Sunday school:10am; Sunday worship:11am; no evening service
*      Thursday, December 24th – Christmas Eve service:6pm (no Wednesday Bible study this week)
*      Sunday, December 27th – Sunday school:10am; Sunday worship:11am; no evening service
*      Thursday, December 31st – New Year’s Eve service:7pm (no Wednesday Bible study this week)
*      Sunday, January 3rd – all regular services begin again

Last year, twenty five couples attended our annual marriage enrichment fellowship.  This year’s event will be held in January.

We thank the Lord for our sister churches across Canada who stand unashamedly on the precious Scriptures and who diligently endeavour to fulfill the great commission to their communities.

May each of you have a Christ-centered Christmas.  May the beginning of 2016 see all of us setting high and holy goals that will magnify our Saviour in a greater way.  May we yield more of ourselves to the Spirit and see His fruit manifested in our lives.  May our love for the lost and the brethren be deepened. While the moral fiber of our world evaporates and the evil accelerates and while the worldly amusements and appetites deteriorate and while the safety of our world becomes more at risk, and while the spiritual temperature of most people becomes cold, may the flame of our spiritual fire and fervour never die out until Jesus comes or calls us home!  God bless us, each and every one.

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