Pastor’s Pen – September 7, 2014

We had a sizzling summer with special missionary and revival services.  Our hearts were stirred to deepen our relationship with the Lord in our own personal walk and worship of Him.

On three separate Sundays this summer, we held Friend Day and BBQ’s which were all well attended.

The Vaughan Baptist Christian Academy has started its second year with a growing student enrolment.  I have the privilege of preaching some chapel services which gives me a wonderful opportunity to get to know each student and to challenge them from the Scriptures on their spiritual journey.  I also enjoy leading some gym times with them which usually reveals that I no longer possess that endless, child-like energy anymore!

On Sunday, September 21st, we will celebrate our 23rd anniversary.  With this year’s theme of “So Much The More,” we can only praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us another year in giving to us much more than we deserve.  As sinners, we deserve nothing!  This 11am service is always the highlight of the year and usually well attended.  The congregational singing is always enthusiastic and there will be special instrumentals and singing.  A large book table will be displayed and there will be plenty of food following the service. With hours of fellowship afterwards, there is no evening service that day.

The fall season is packed with men’s and women’s Bible studies and fellowships.  Family game nights keep us all laughing and enjoying the fellowship time together.  At each service, there is a well staffed nursery and classes for the children.  Every Sunday, there is Sunday school for all ages, including adults, at 10am; the morning worship service is at 11am; and the evening worship service is at 6pm.  Our mid-week service is on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  This is my favourite and I believe the most needed service for any church.  We hear from our missionaries, sing, have a testimony, I discuss a current event, then we take prayer requests and break into prayer groups for about 12 minutes.  Then the children are dismissed to their classes and I teach a lesson till 8:15pm and we are dismissed.  Many stay afterwards for a few minutes of fellowship but those who must leave, can do so.  This is intended to be a compact, spirit-challenging, faith-filled pick-me-up service in the middle of the week.  It carries the Christian over until they are with the believers again on Sunday and helps to keep them singularly focused and spiritually balanced in a busy, sin-laden world.

Finally, this year’s Thanksgiving service is on Sunday, October 12th.  There is no evening service this day.

God bless you.  Remember Christian, you are always in His gracious grip!

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