Pastor’s Pen – October 12, 2013

On Sunday, September 15th, with 300 in attendance, we celebrated God’s faithfulness at our 22nd anniversary service.   The congregational singing was enthusiastic and the singing specials were inspirational.   Following the service, we enjoyed some great food and fellowship with all those who attended.

On Sunday, October 13th is our Thanksgiving service.  Sunday school is at 10am and the morning service is at 11am.  Brother Blair Cassidy is preaching.  There is no evening service.

We will hold our annual Missions Conference on Sunday, October 20th.  Missionary Terry Sharpe in The Canary Islands will be our preacher.  He will teach Sunday School at 10am, then preach at 11am and 6pm.   “To The Ends Of The Earth” is our theme.

The Vaughan Baptist Christian Academy continues to progress along as the students and staff are enthusiastic and enjoying a great start to our first year.

Our teaching staff continues to educate and edify those who want to become His disciples.  From the nursery, to toddlers, to Junior church, to the young people’s class, to the adults, teachers are faithfully instructing the ways of the Lord from His word.  On Sunday mornings, my adult class has just started a series on spiritual gifts: identifying one’s gift and learning how to develop it and deploy it in ministry.  On Sunday mornings, I am in message number three in an expository preaching series through the book of Ezekiel.  Sunday evening preaching is topical.  On Wednesday evenings, before we break into our prayer groups, I am teaching an expository series through 1 and 2 Kings.

This thanksgiving season, may each of us express our genuine gratefulness to our blessed Lord, the Giver of every good gift.  May His praise be continually on our lips.

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