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Pastor’s Pen – May 23, 2015

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

We closed out the winter season with 25 couples attending our annual marriage enrichment fellowship where I taught on “Finishing The Marriage Marathon.”  We rented the historic building where we first started holding church services about 24 years ago.  We watched videos, ate well, played games, sang, and enjoyed some sweet fellowship together.

We were blessed with a very busy beginning to spring.  In March, 7 of our men attended a men’s retreat with about 300 other men sponsored by Bible Baptist Church in St. Thomas.  In April, we celebrated Resurrection Sunday with a great crowd and salvation decisions.  The following Sunday I baptized 10: 4 teens and 6 adults.

This month, we had 35 out for our first work night of the year to do some much needed spring cleaning around the property.  We have concluded a winter season of weekly soul winning at two local malls and now, with the warmer weather, have started our weekly neighbourhood soul winning.  On Tuesdays, we average about 8 to 10 doing door-knocking with another 4-6 going out on visitation calls.  Others are given calls to make at days convenient for them.

This weekend, 15 of our ladies attended a retreat at FaithWay Baptist Church.

We seemed to have a slower winter with visitors, but the Lord has blessed and just the last few months, He has added 4 new singles and 7 new families.  We have rejoiced with such sweet people!

Evangelist Max Alderman will be holding Revival Services with us starting on Sunday, May 31st at 10am, 11am, and 6pm; on Monday, at 7pm, and concluding on Tuesday, at 7pm.  We invite other Christians to join us on Monday and Tuesday.  There will be a supervised nursery at every service.

As we move into summer, we are preparing to move into the 3 story building adjacent to us.  This education building will be used for Christian school classrooms, a church bookstore, ministry classrooms, offices, and a chapel.

Our regular services are as follows: Sunday school – 10am; Morning service – 11am; Evening service – 6pm;  Mid-week Bible study and prayer meeting on Wednesday at 7pm.

We surely experience ups and downs, good months and bad ones. Praise the Lord, He never changes!!

Pastor’s Pen – December 2, 2014

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

On November 4, 2014, my mother was transported safe and secure into the arms of Jesus in her 90th year.  Mary was saved when a child and leaves behind my sister and me.  She was a widow for about 35 years.  But we are not alone.  My mother leaves behind a strong Christian testimony and example of servant hood.  “Granny,” as she was lovingly known by all, came with my family to Canada 24 years ago and faithfully served her Lord and Saviour at our church fulfilling a variety of much-needed roles.  She was also a faithful grandmother to our children here and a beloved sister in the Lord to our congregation.  Much more was shared at her memorial service and she will be the subject of my Anchor article coming out next month.  No words could express my love for her and to the Lord for giving me such a virtuous woman to be my mother!

On Sunday, December 7th, we will conduct our annual Christmas Cantata at 11am.  Our 33 member choir will be accompanied by the children who will participate in the Christmas play.  Sunday school is at 10am for all ages, from the cradle to the adults.  As with every service, there will be a supervised nursery.  There is no evening service that day.

On Sunday, December 21st, there is no evening service.

We will conduct our annual Christmas Eve service on Wednesday evening December 24th at 7pm.  The service will conclude at 8pm.

On Sunday, December 28th, there is no evening service.

We will conduct our annual New Year’s Eve service on Wednesday evening December 31st at 7pm.

On Sunday, January 4th, all of our regularly scheduled services will resume.

As the world slides further into sin, may we, by the grace of God, stand our ground and remain faithful to our Lord.  May our love increase, not grow cold.  May our faith be stretched to new heights, not become stale and stagnant.  May our hope blossom with high expectations, not be extinguished.  May we be God and other-oriented not self focused.

Let’s set our vision on Him Who sets on high.  Let’s worship and walk with holiness as our standard.  May we have an ever growing hunger for the Holy Scriptures.  Should the Lord tarry or extend our days, may 2015 be lived out in a soberly, righteously, and godly fashion to the good pleasure of His will.  May we join the heavenly host in saying, “Glory to God in the highest.” (Luke 2:14)  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Pastor’s Pen – September 7, 2014

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

We had a sizzling summer with special missionary and revival services.  Our hearts were stirred to deepen our relationship with the Lord in our own personal walk and worship of Him.

On three separate Sundays this summer, we held Friend Day and BBQ’s which were all well attended.

The Vaughan Baptist Christian Academy has started its second year with a growing student enrolment.  I have the privilege of preaching some chapel services which gives me a wonderful opportunity to get to know each student and to challenge them from the Scriptures on their spiritual journey.  I also enjoy leading some gym times with them which usually reveals that I no longer possess that endless, child-like energy anymore!

On Sunday, September 21st, we will celebrate our 23rd anniversary.  With this year’s theme of “So Much The More,” we can only praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us another year in giving to us much more than we deserve.  As sinners, we deserve nothing!  This 11am service is always the highlight of the year and usually well attended.  The congregational singing is always enthusiastic and there will be special instrumentals and singing.  A large book table will be displayed and there will be plenty of food following the service. With hours of fellowship afterwards, there is no evening service that day.

The fall season is packed with men’s and women’s Bible studies and fellowships.  Family game nights keep us all laughing and enjoying the fellowship time together.  At each service, there is a well staffed nursery and classes for the children.  Every Sunday, there is Sunday school for all ages, including adults, at 10am; the morning worship service is at 11am; and the evening worship service is at 6pm.  Our mid-week service is on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  This is my favourite and I believe the most needed service for any church.  We hear from our missionaries, sing, have a testimony, I discuss a current event, then we take prayer requests and break into prayer groups for about 12 minutes.  Then the children are dismissed to their classes and I teach a lesson till 8:15pm and we are dismissed.  Many stay afterwards for a few minutes of fellowship but those who must leave, can do so.  This is intended to be a compact, spirit-challenging, faith-filled pick-me-up service in the middle of the week.  It carries the Christian over until they are with the believers again on Sunday and helps to keep them singularly focused and spiritually balanced in a busy, sin-laden world.

Finally, this year’s Thanksgiving service is on Sunday, October 12th.  There is no evening service this day.

God bless you.  Remember Christian, you are always in His gracious grip!

Pastor’s Pen – May 22, 2014

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

The Vaughan Baptist Christian Academy is completing its first year!  Principal Dan Bousquet is now accepting applications for enrolment in September for grades 1-7.  For more information on the school or for any questions, call the church at 905.851.7100 or visit them at

Besides our regularly scheduled services, here are some upcoming special services:

Evangelist Max Alderman is back with us again for Revival Services.  He will be preaching on Sunday, June 1st at 11am and 6pm; on Monday at 7pm; and concluding on Tuesday evening at 7pm.  There will be a nursery and children classes for each of these services. We encourage you to make as many of these meetings as you can.  We believe your heart will be passionately stirred for righteousness!

Our first Friend Day and BBQ of the season will be held on Sunday, June 22nd.   There is no evening service that Sunday.

On Sunday, July 6th, Missionary Roy Pustam in Trinidad will be preaching at 11am and 6pm.  Come and hear from one on the frontlines of missions in the Caribbean.

May God richly bless you and may we see our souls spiritually prospering as we stay close to our Saviour’s side.  May we redeem the time and rejoice evermore.  May holiness and hard work characterize our walk.  May we be faithful followers to the end. May we love the brethren and compassionately reach out to the lost with the good news of earthly and eternal hope. Jesus keep us near the cross!

Pastor’s Pen – March 9, 2014

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

In spite of the snow and cold, we have had a good number of visitors out over the past two months and have enjoyed getting to know them.  We have rejoiced over some of them getting saved.

In January, we held our annual worker’s banquet at the historic Vellore school house in Woodbridge where we met for our first three years.  About 50 workers gathered in a heavy snowstorm to fan the servant’s flame in our heart.  After we ate a catered dinner, I preached.  The rest of the evening was spent in games and singing.  It was a wonderful time together as we counted it a privilege to labour together with our Lord.

In February, we had one glorious wedding.  Also, our annual marriage enrichment fellowship had the largest number of couples ever signing up.  It was also held at the Vellore school house with the subject matter: “Each for the other and both for the Lord!”  We watched several videos and I taught on the cost and care of our marriages with subjects related to honour, trust, roles, and communication.

In March, we will have another beautiful wedding, a ladies activity, and a baptismal service.

The Vaughan Baptist Christian Academy is on spring break now and the enrolment period for September, 2014 has just started.  Principal Dan Bousquet is taking applications for grades 1 – 7.  This year, there is a reduced rate for multiple child enrolment.  As well, there is a discount for registering your child early.  For more information, visit the website at

On Sundays at 10am, there is Sunday school for every age and a supervised nursery at every service.  We have such a great staff of teachers who love the Lord and their students!  My adult class is now in the midst of an expository study through the Psalms.

On Sunday mornings at 11am, I am continuing my expository preaching series through Ezekiel.  We are currently studying chapter 8.  Here God calls for Ezekiel to view what the leaders of Israel are doing at Jerusalem in the temple in the dark.  They proclaim that God does not see what they are doing!  I have been preaching on: “Deeds In The Dark” and applying such actions to pornography and the dangers of social networking.

On Wednesday evenings at 7pm, we gather into prayer groups following a Bible study.  I am leading an expository study of 2 Kings at this time.  This is the backbone of our church where our prayer warriors undergird every ministry and raise up every prayer request to the will and glory of our heavenly Father.

Join us was we humbly worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.  God bless you.

Pastor’s Pen – December 1, 2013

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

On Sunday, December 8th, we will hold our annual Christmas Cantata at 11am with our children in a Christmas play accompanied by our 33 member choir.  There is Sunday school at 10am for adults, young people, teens, and children.  A supervised nursery is always provided at each of our services. There is no evening service.

On Sunday, December 15th, there is a child dedication service prior to the preaching.  At 6pm, Brother Blair Cassidy is preaching.

On Sunday, December 22nd, we will hold our regular morning services but there is no evening service.

On Tuesday evening, December 24th,  at 6pm, our annual Christmas Eve service will be held.  It will conclude by 7pm. There is no mid-week service on Wednesday evening.

On Sunday, December 29th, I will preach my annual New Year’s sermon at 11am following Sunday school.  There is no evening service.

On Tuesday, December 31st , we will hold our annual New Year’s Eve service at 7pm.  There is no mid-week service on Wednesday evening.

On Sunday, January 5th, we are back to all of our regularly scheduled services.

As we finish out 2013 by the grace of God, may each of us strengthen what remains of this year and prepare ourselves to make 2014 the greatest year of our lives for His glory!  May God richly bless you and your family.  Merry Christmas and have a glorious, God-honouring New Year.   Pastor Adams

Pastor’s Pen – October 12, 2013

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

On Sunday, September 15th, with 300 in attendance, we celebrated God’s faithfulness at our 22nd anniversary service.   The congregational singing was enthusiastic and the singing specials were inspirational.   Following the service, we enjoyed some great food and fellowship with all those who attended.

On Sunday, October 13th is our Thanksgiving service.  Sunday school is at 10am and the morning service is at 11am.  Brother Blair Cassidy is preaching.  There is no evening service.

We will hold our annual Missions Conference on Sunday, October 20th.  Missionary Terry Sharpe in The Canary Islands will be our preacher.  He will teach Sunday School at 10am, then preach at 11am and 6pm.   “To The Ends Of The Earth” is our theme.

The Vaughan Baptist Christian Academy continues to progress along as the students and staff are enthusiastic and enjoying a great start to our first year.

Our teaching staff continues to educate and edify those who want to become His disciples.  From the nursery, to toddlers, to Junior church, to the young people’s class, to the adults, teachers are faithfully instructing the ways of the Lord from His word.  On Sunday mornings, my adult class has just started a series on spiritual gifts: identifying one’s gift and learning how to develop it and deploy it in ministry.  On Sunday mornings, I am in message number three in an expository preaching series through the book of Ezekiel.  Sunday evening preaching is topical.  On Wednesday evenings, before we break into our prayer groups, I am teaching an expository series through 1 and 2 Kings.

This thanksgiving season, may each of us express our genuine gratefulness to our blessed Lord, the Giver of every good gift.  May His praise be continually on our lips.

Pastor’s Pen – July 12, 2013

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Our next Friend Day is Sunday, July 21st.  This is the second of three scheduled for the summer where I preach evangelistic messages.  We invite all to come at 11am and stay after the service for a BBQ.  There is no evening service that Sunday.

There is a Singspiration on Sunday evening, July 28th where we sing hymns and spiritual songs, have numerous vocal and instrumental specials, and hear testimonies of God’s grace and goodness.  This service begins at 6pm.

The final Friend Day and BBQ of the summer is scheduled for Sunday, August 18th.  There is no evening service that day.

On Thursday, August 29th, there is an Open House for the Vaughan Baptist Christian Academy (VBCA) from 4pm – 7pm.   The VBCA is completing final preparations for its first year of operation in September.  The first students are being registered.  Any questions can be directed to Administrator Daniel Bousquet at the church.  The website also has a lot of information:

Finally, our 22nd Anniversary Service is on Sunday, September 15th.   More details will be forthcoming.

May the good Lord richly bless you as you get to know Him, grow in Him, and show Him to a dark and dying world.  May each of us, His children, be assured of His protection,  provision, power, presence, and surpassing peace!  And may we, in return, give Him the preeminence in all things. (Colossians 1:18)

Pastor’s Pen – May 24, 2013

Monday, May 27th, 2013

It has been a blessed two months with much happening around the church.  We celebrated Easter Sunday services with great crowds and several saved.  To the praise of our Saviour, five have been baptized and nineteen adults added to our church roll.

Nineteen couples attended the latest Marriage Enrichment Fellowship where we studied Scriptural couples and gleaned the good and learned from the bad.  Also, Pastor Dennis Seely and his family from Cornerstone Baptist Church in Carbonear, Newfoundland were with us for a Sunday.  It was a wonderful time of preaching, singing, and seeing our former staff member and his sweet family.

On Sunday, June 2nd, we are hosting our first Friend Day and BBQ of the season.  There is no evening service as we will spend extra time in fellowship and spiritual edification while we enjoy the BBQ following the morning service.

We have much to work on to be the church that we want to be.  I have much to work on to be the pastor that I want to be!  But come, visit us, and join us on this journey with Jesus as we endeavour to be all we can for His glory.

Pastor’s Pen – March 25, 2013

Monday, March 25th, 2013

This Sunday is Easter!  Sunday School, for all ages from toddlers to adults, begins at 10am.  Worship services are at 11am and 6pm.  Children’s church and a well staffed nursery are available for all services.

We are busy this week preparing for Resurrection Sunday by distributing thousands of John and Romans booklets to the City of Vaughan.

Upcoming annual events include our worker’s banquet and marriage enrichment fellowship.  Details are announced at church services.

There is another Singspiration on Sunday evening, April 14th.  Come and rejoice in the special music, congregational favourites, and instrumentals.  The testimonies will thrill your soul!

On Sunday, April 21st, following the evening service, we are having another baptismal service.  There are a number of candidates, both adults and children.

On Sunday, April 28th, Missionary Dennis Seely and his family from Carbonear, Newfoundland will be with us all day.  He pastors Cornerstone Baptist Church and will be preaching Sunday morning and evening.  It is always a genuine blessing to have this former staff member and his family with us.  It will also be Membership Sunday and we are expecting at least eight new families to be joining the church.

We are excited about Evangelist Max Alderman being with us again in May.  He will be preaching all day on Sunday, May 5th and on Monday and Tuesday evenings, May 6th and 7th  at 7pm.  The theme this year is Missions and Soul Winning.  If you are looking for some enthusiastic, Spirit-filled revival preaching, then you’ll not want to miss these meetings!

I am preaching a new series on Sunday mornings entitled: “Benefit, From Being Saved,” taken from Psalm 103:2, “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” Coming on Sunday evenings, I will be preaching a new series, “Exhortations From Ezekiel.” In the adult Sunday school class, I am leading an expository study of the Psalms.  Preceding our prayer groups on Wednesday evenings at 7pm, I am teaching an expository study through the book of 1 Kings.

Finally, let me update you on the progress of our Christian school.  You can read more in the latest edition of The Anchor.  Applications are now available for the opening of the Vaughan Baptist Christian Academy this September.  If you have any questions, please call the church and ask for Principal Daniel Bousquet.

We pray regularly for all of our sister churches scattered throughout the greater Metropolitan Toronto area.  May God richly bless our co-labourers for Christ as they reach their community for our precious Saviour and endeavour to turn them to Truth.

May you have a blessed Easter season rejoicing in the resurrection of our gracious Saviour!